Summer Capsule Wardrobe

It’s time to dive into our summer capsule wardrobe series! If you’re new here, I’ve been creating capsule wardrobes each season for my readers and it’s been a huge hit! These capsule series are something I really enjoy doing for you all. Putting together outfits day in and day out can be exhausting and honestly downright stressful. I’m here to help lighten that burden by putting together lists and outfit ideas that are easy to navigate through.

If you’re not familiar with what a capsule wardrobe means, I’ll break it down for you. A capsule is made up of minimal pieces of clothing that all blend and work together. Think of the term “Less is More!” This concept is fantastic not only for the minimalists, but anyone who enjoys simple and classic style. Adopting this idea will make getting ready each day a breeze, and who doesn’t love a little simplicity in their life. Let’s dive in!

Shopping Checklist

Here is a look at our summer capsule! I went with a feminine, yet practical theme. The nice thing about capsule wardrobes is that you can adjust it to your personal preferences. If you like a different color palette than what I’ve chosen, you can easily adjust it to your needs. You can also switch out pieces that work best for your climate and lifestyle. I work from home, so my wardrobe needs to be practical and functional for mom life. Where yours may need to be more office appropriate, so that’s where you may need to switch out a few pieces. It’s all up for interpretation and that’s the beautiful thing about it!

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Now onto the fun part….styling all the pieces! Here are over 40 outfits that I put together from this capsule list. I could have added many more options, but I didn’t want it to be too overwhelming. I will be styling all these pieces throughout the summer on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow me there for more capsule inspiration.

Fit Tips
Dresses & Jumpsuits

T-shirt Dress (small tall) | Maxi Skirt (small) | Midi Dress (small) | Jumpsuit (small tall)


Bodysuit (medium) | Floral Tee (small) | Basic Tank (xs) | Smocked Tee (small) | Floral Tank (small) | Floral Peplum (small) | Chambray Top (small) | Stripe Tee (small) | Black Tee (small) White Button Up (small)

Outer Layer

Denim Jacket (medium) | Cream Cardigan (small) | Olive Cardigan (small) | White Sweater (large) | Kimono (small)


Blue Jeans (27 tall) | Linen Pants (small) | Olive Shorts (small) | White shorts (4) | Denim Shorts (4) | White Jeans (4) | Joggers (small)


White Sneakers (tts) | Studded Sandals (size up half size) | Nude Sandals (tts) | Black Sandals (tts) | Nude Heels (tts) | Cognac Sandals (tts)

It’s always so much fun putting together a series like this and hope that you find it helpful. If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!

XO Becca

*the links used in this post are affiliate links that I make a small commission off of.

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