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This blog post has been a long time coming! We did a full gut and remodel on our main bathroom recently, and I’ve been meaning to share all the details with you! We started back in October, and we completed everything in January. It was a long haul, but so worth it in the end. We did everything ourselves, so it took a little more time, but we also saved a lot of money by doing it ourselves. I’m going to share all the photos I have of the process, and I’ll share details and links throughout.

This is what our bathroom looked like before. It’s not a very big space, and it just felt a little dark in there. I started pinning ideas, and putting together plans for what I wanted this space to look like. I showed them to my husband, and he went wild with it. I’m so thankful projects don’t scare him, and that he is a major go getter. I couldn’t do any of this without him!


I’ll be honest, when we started demoing, I got a little overwhelmed and started to realize just how big this project was. There was drywall dust EVERYWHERE! The mess is definitely not my favorite part, but it’s all part of the process.

After we got everything gutted, we laid down a new sub floor to get ready for tile.

Neither one of us had ever laid tile before, but we were determined to do it all ourselves. Let me just say….YouTube tutorials are your friend!

We went with a matte black hexagon tile from Home Depot. The install went really well! We had to rent a tile saw for the day, but you can buy them fairly reasonably if you are planning on doing more than one tile project.

We bought a charcoal grout because I wanted the grout to be as dark as possible. The charcoal ended up being more like a light gray. I obviously didn’t want that, so I ended up staining the grout. It actually was a super easy process, and turned out exactly how I pictured it originally. I bought the color Raven for reference. The nice thing about staining the grout, is that it actually seals your grout and makes the grout color consistent. A lot of times grout with get spotty and discolored, so it always needs to be sealed after it dries fully.

Onto tiling the shower!

That handsome stud was a rockstar when it came to this bathroom remodel. We ran into a lot of different issues and he never gave up! So…tiling the shower was a lot harder than tiling the floor in my opinion. It was much more tedious and a lot more cutting. It took us several days to finish the shower completely. We used a classic subway tile from Home Depot. The nice thing about subway tile is that you don’t have to use spacers. They are beveled in a way that gives you an automatic grout line. We used the same charcoal grout that we used for the floor. We also added a accent piece in the cubby that would tie into the black hexagon floor tile. I loved that it was a mini version of what we used on the floor.

We used classic pine shiplap from Home Depot on the walls. This is a tongue and groove fit, so it’s really easy to install. It gives you an automatic and consistent gap.

Our vanity cabinet and floating shelves were custom made by our local Amish. The same family who made our kitchen cabinets. We love their work! I chose white oak, and had them do a clear coat finish on it. I fished off the cabinet with black hardware from Amazon.

Our countertop is quartz and we bought it from a local business. I unfortunately don’t remember the name of the quartz color.


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, feel free to email me or leave them in the comments of this post. I will link all the details for my decorations and accessories below. Thanks for stopping by!

XO Becca

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