Spring Capsule Wardrobe

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The last capsule series I put together was so popular that I figured we would carry it out throughout the year! My plan is to put together a capsule for each season, which brings us to todays post….SPRING!!!

Spring seems to be right around the corner for most people….unless you live in the Midwest, then who knows when it will arrive. Again, this capsule is geared towards a more casual/everyday style, so if you are working outside the home, you may have to tweak a few things. I also wanted to touch base on different climates. While spring may not surface here in Wisconsin for awhile, down south is already getting warm weather. So where I have pants, spring jackets or closed toed shoes, you may want to swap those for shorts and sandals. Each capsule is easily customizable for you and your environment. Let’s dive in!

Our Spring List

Here are some of the looks you’ll be able to create with these pieces.

This is just a starting point for you, so you can visualize what you need for your capsule. I will be styling the individual pieces from this capsule in a weekly styling video over on my Instagram. I’ll add the links to the videos below each time I create one, so you don’t miss out on anything!

Styling Video #1 – White Denim

Here’s to hoping spring weather is coming your way!

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