My Skincare Journey With Colleen Rothschild

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My skincare journey has not been an easy one. I’m sure many of you can relate! Acne in your teenage years is not fun…but acne in your adult years can be downright crippling to your confidence.

I’ve struggled with acne from about age 15 on. It went from caking on as much makeup as I could to cover it up, down to not even wanting to leave the house because I was so self conscious about it. I’ve tried about every skincare line there is to try when it comes to acne regimens. I’d get excited about one for a week or two, and then the acne would just come back full force. I know there are a lot of different reasons for acne, including some health or genetic reasons. I think I have a mix of things that have played a part in my skin condition. I have an autoimmune disease that seems to cause weird flare ups in my skin, and the most obvious issue would be my diet. I eat a lot of sugar and dairy which are not the best for those struggling with problematic skin. While I’m trying my best to lower my sugar intake, I knew I needed to do more to tackle these skin issues. That’s when I heard about Colleen Rothschild.

Colleen Rothschild sent me a little goodie box of items to try, and me being on the hunt for the perfect skincare regimen, I excitedly started the kit she sent me! I’m a big believer in trying a regimen for a few weeks before giving any feedback on it. I want to see how it addresses my skin concerns and how my skin is reacting to it. I have now been using Colleen Rothschild skincare regularly for a couple months and I’m loving it! My skin immediately felt brighter and softer within the first week of using the products, and now after using them longer term, I can see them working on my problem areas. I have a lot uneven skin and scaring from my acne years reeking havoc on my skin. My dark spots are lightening and my skin is feeling all over smoother and brighter.

The great news is, Colleen Rothschild is running a BOGO 50% off her site with code TREAT50. This is a great time to snag some of these items I’ve been seeing great results with. I’m going to link everything I’ve been using below, as well as some of my top picks for different skin concerns. I hope you find this helpful. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and self conscious about your skin, and I hope you find something in this line that works for you the way it has for me!

Linked below are the items I’m using daily.

Linked below are the items I’m using on days I need a refresh and I’m having bad break outs.

If you are wanting to try out several of the products before buying full sizes. I highly recommend this starter kit.

Linked below are some of the best sellers on their site.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or drop a comment. I hope you found this helpful!

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