How To Purge Your Closet

With the new year here, there are a lot of things I like to purge and de-clutter. My closet being at the top of the list! Purging through my closet actually is something I do regularly and not just at the beginning of the year. I try to do it once a month or at least every other month. It can be so overwhelming having a closet full of things you just don’t wear or feel good in anymore, so we are going to tackle how to solve this problem. Let’s go!!!

1.Pull Everything Out

Make sure you don’t have any other plans the day you decide to do this, because it could very well take you all day. I like to start by pulling everything out and going through each piece. I’m going to share 4 questions I ask myself when I’m trying to decide which pieces to keep, donate or throw out. See below.

2. Make Three Piles – Keep, Donate/Sell, Throw Out

When I’m trying to decide what I should keep or get rid of, I ask myself these 4 questions to make my decision easy.

  1. Is it still in good condition? Ex. Does it have holes, stains or wash wear?
  2. Does it still have good shape to it? Ex. Has it shrunk or lost its shape from drying?
  3. Do you feel good in it?
  4. Would you still buy it if you saw it out shopping today? (This one always gives me a clear answer if I should keep or not.)

3. Start Purging

This is where you go crazy! Go through each item and designate it to a pile. If the item is in rough shape (has holes or stains) put it in the “Throw Out” pile. If it’s in good shape but you just don’t love the style on you, put it in the “Donate/Sell” pile. If you love the item and still feel great in it, put in on a hanger and lay it down in the “Keep” pile.

4. Organize The Keep Items

When you’ve gone through everything and you’re ready to start hanging back up your favorite items, I suggest color coordinating them and hanging them by styles. I like to hang all my t-shirts together, blouses together, sweaters together and so on….

5. Celebrate

Hooray!!! You did it! You now have an organized closet full of items you love and feel good in. Now that’s nothing to celebrate!!!

Need a little extra help organizing and keeping it organized? I’m linking up some great essentials to help the process!

Happy New Year Friends!

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