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I thought it would be fun to put together a hair product guide for all different hair types. With my cosmetology background, this is a question I get asked all the time! So I figured why not post it all in one spot so people can reference back to it easier!

I’m going to walk through all my favorite products I’ve personally worked with for each hair type, so you will easily be able to pick out which item your hair needs.

I want to point out that I don’t think its a smart idea to buy professional hair products on Amazon or other discounted online shops. You need to be buying those from a store that has a license to sell professional items such as Ulta or from your personal stylist. I am okay on the other hand with buying items off Amazon that you can find in any store like Target or Walmart. Such as brands like Bed Head, Kenra etc. Buying professional grade products from places like Amazon or TJ Maxx just aren’t guaranteed to be the real deal. A lot of times its outdated or watered down products and they aren’t going to work the same way. So when I linked all the products today, I linked everything to the stores I’m comfortable with buying them from so you wont be confused!

Fine Straight Hair 

This is the category I fall under so this is an easy one for me to talk about. I’m always looking for products to give my hair life and body without weighing it down. This can be a struggle but I’ve found a few pieces I love that continue to be my holy grail of hair products!

Shampoo and Conditioner set – Here

Dry shampoo (an absolute must) Here

Styling product (use on wet hair) Here

Styling product (use on wet hair) Here

Thermal protection (use on dry hair before heat styling) Here

Volumizing powder (a little goes a long way)Here

Flexible hold hairspray (my current favorite) Here

Firm hold hairspray – Here

Backcombing brush (to add volume)Here

Coarse Straight Hair 

These products are going to give your hair manageability, shine and hold.

Shampoo – Here

Conditioner – Here

Styling product for smoothing (put on wet hair) Here

Styling product for volume – Here

Hairspray – Here

Fine Curly Hair 

A lot of times its hard to find products for fine curly hair that’s not going to weigh it down. The products I’ve linked with keep the life in your hair while smoothing those flyaway hairs.

Shampoo – Here

Conditioner – Here

Styling product for smoothing (a little goes a long way) Here

Styling product for curly – Here

Hairspray – Here

Coarse Curly Hair 

This category probably is the most frustrating for people. You need hold, smoothing and shine brought into that hairstyle and it all seems a little overwhelming. The products linked will give incredible hold and shine all while smoothing out those wild hairs.

Shampoo – Here

Conditioner – Here

Styling product for curls (flexible hold) Here

Styling product for curls (firm hold) Here

Styling product for smoothing – Here

Hairspray – Here

Dry/Damaged Hair

No one wants damaged hair, but with heat and color processing, its a lot of times inevitable. It’s so vital we take care of our hair and add back in the protein we are stripping out with all the heat and coloring we’re putting our hair through. I’m linking my favorites below that I personally have seen work miracles on peoples hair!

Shampoo – Here

Conditioner – Here

Deep conditioner – Here

Leave in spray – Here

Styling product for fine hair (put on wet hair) Here

Styling product for thick hair (put on wet hair) Here

Thermal protection – Here

Styling Tools

I’m a firm believer that the products and tools you’re using are going to make all the difference on your hairstyle. Spending a little extra money on good styling tools will help keep your hair looking and feeling great, plus it will most definitely style and hold better!

Hairdryer – Here

Flat Iron – Here

Wand – Here

Curling Iron – Here

Hopefully you found something that will work for your hair on this list! Being frustrated with your hair can be so crippling, and when you don’t know how or what to use on it, it makes it even more frustrating. Good products make all the difference on how your style is going to look and stay. You will never regret using good, high end products on your hair. Its your biggest accessory and you want to take good care of it!  All the shampoo and conditioners I linked are safe for color treated hair as well. I also think that any of these items would make great gifts for the upcoming Christmas season. If you have a beauty loving person on your list, how fun would it be to put together a little basket of beauty items as their gift?! If you have any more hair questions for me, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by and instead of saying happy holidays, I’ll leave you with happy hair days!

XO Becca

*The links used in this post are affiliate links that I receive a small commission for if purchased from. 

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