The ABC’s Your Closet Needs

Today’s blog post is something fun and different from anything I’ve done before. We are going to talk about the 26 items every woman needs in her closet ABC style! I love brainstorming and putting together blog posts for you ladies. It fills my creative cup you could say. I hope you find this helpful or at the very least entertaining!

All items will be linked under each photo for easy shopping.

A – Anorak Jacket 

This jacket is classic and so versatile. Several colors to choose from.


B – Booties 

Booties are my most worn shoes in the fall. The ones pictured below are a little pricey but worth every single penny!


C – Cardigans 

you all know I have a serious obsession with cardigans! What would a closet be without some or 100 in my case. I narrowed it down to 3 of my favorites right now.

Top left // Bottom left // Right

D – Denim 

Everyone needs some great denim in their life. While I believe in splurging on nice jeans every now and then, I’ve been just as happy with my less expensive jeans from places like Old Navy and Target. I’ll link a few of my favorites below.

Top left // Denim jacket // Right

E – Earrings

I love statement earrings and how they can really dress up an outfit. I’ve become completely obsessed with leather earrings this year. I’ll link my favorite shop below.

My favorite leather earrings shop

F – Floral Blouse

Floral prints get me every time!

Boutique where I got my floral top

G – Graphic T-shirt

Was there ever a truer statement?! Home body here!


H – Heels

A classic heel is a must! It instantly takes any outfit up a notch.

Left heels (similar) // Right heels

I – Investment Piece

There are very few things I believe in splurging on, but a cozy cardigan I never want to take off is one of them. Also the amount of times I’ve worn my Tory Burch sandals makes them a great investment!

Cardigan // Tory Burch sandals

J – Jumpsuit

This plush jumpsuit is every stay at home Moms dream!


K – Kimono

Kimonos are a fun option in the summer when cardigans are too warm.

Kimono (similar)

L – LBD (Little Black Dress)

Classic black dresses will take you a long way! So versatile and always a good choice when you’re unsure of what to wear.

Left dress // Right dress

M – Moto Leggings

A fun twist on regular leggings. Plus these are high waisted and hold in all the things!

Left // Right

N – Necklaces

Jewelry really completes a look. I almost never leave the house without a necklace. Here are a couple of my favorites!

Left // Right

O – OTST (Off The Shoulder Top)

An OTS top is the perfect date night option.


P – Purse

You can never go wrong with a great tote bag. I currently am using this one as my fall bag/diaper bag.


Q – Quarter Zip Pullover

I can guarantee you that this pullover will be the coziest thing you ever put on!


R – Raglan Style Top

Can you ever really go wrong with a cute sweatshirt?


S – Sneakers

If I’m not wearing booties, I’m in cute sneakers! These 3 are my most worn.

Top // Bottom // Right

T – Tunic

This tunic is so good I own it in 5 colors, and I’m not even mad about it!


U – Under Shirts

Everyone needs good layering tanks and t-shirts for under their cardigans. Especially ones you can easily knot.

Top left // Bottom left // Right

V – Vests

If you can only have one vest, make it an olive utility vest. You can thank me later!


Vest (similar)

W – Wedges

If you’re anything like me and can’t walk in tall heels, give wedges a try. We don’t need any broken ankles!

Wedges (similar)

X – SpanX

Another splurge item I’ll totally stand behind. A great pair of leggings that make you look two sizes smaller than you actually are. Yes please!


Y – Yellow Top

I couldn’t come up with another item for Y so Yellow top it is! And I picked this one because it’s oh so cute!


Z – Zip Up

Because let’s be real, nursing mom’s live in things like this!

Zip up (similar)

Well lets hope I said my ABC’s right and everything is in order. You never know with this mom brain! So which letters do you need to add to your wardrobe? Or maybe you came up with some fun alternatives of your own. I’ll have to admit, it took me WAY longer than it should to come up with items that matched each letter. It’s harder than you would think, and I’m running on little sleep (newborn problems) so that could have played a role. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

Thanks for stopping by!

XO Becca


*The links in this post are affiliate links that I receive a small commission for if purchased from.

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