Summer Capsule Wardrobe

This subject has been one of my most requested. People love the idea of capsule wardrobes. The simplicity and convenience of it is wonderful! I’m trying to keep up with doing one of these posts for every season so you guys can feel confident with your wardrobe and above all else…stay on budget!

So the key with capsules is picking staple items that can be mix and matched with each other to create tons of different looks. This gives the effect of a large wardrobe when in reality it’s usually under 50 pieces. I myself haven’t mastered this idea…I love shopping too much! But for those of you that don’t like shopping or  have the time to navigate through a large wardrobe every day, this would be a great concept for you!

I’ve made a list of items that make up a summer capsule. Now remember, this is just my spin on it. You can obviously pick different prints and colors that suit your style. This is just an outline to help guide you in the right direction. So let’s dig in!

Printed Neutral T-shirts

stripe t-shirts
Left t-shirt // Right t-shirt

Printed Colored T-shirts

Left t-shirt // Right t-shirt

Solid Neutral T-shirts 34620CC2-0485-4BE7-A6C3-1E06FEE0F57A
Left t-shirt // Right t-shirt

Solid Colored T-shirts 

Left t-shirt // Right t-shirt

Neutral Tanks

Left tank // Right tank

Printed Tanks 

Left tank // Right tank

Solid Colored Tanks

Left tank // Right tank

Printed Colored Tops

Top left tank // Top right top // Bottom left gingham // Bottom right tank

Solid Colored Tops

Top left blouse // Top right blouse // Bottom left blouse // Bottom right blouse

Denim Shorts

Left shorts // Middle shorts // Right shorts

Neutral Shorts 

Left shorts // Right shorts

Neutral Dresses

Left dress // Right dress

Colored Dresses

Left dress // Right dress

Patterned Dress

Maxi dress

White Jeans 

White jeans

Distressed Jeans 

Distressed jeans

Lightweight Neutral Cardigan

Left cardigan // Right cardigan

Lightweight Colored Cardigan

Left cardigan // Right cardigan

Neutral Sandals 

Top sandal // Middle sandal // Bottom sandal

Neutral Sneakers 

Top sneakers // Bottom sneakers



Colored Shoes 

Top sandals // Middle heels // Bottom mules

Bright Colored Statement Jewelry 

Top left earrings // Top right earrings // Bottom left necklace // Bottom right necklace

Neutral Jewelry 

Top left earrings // Top right earrings // Bottom left necklace // Bottom right earrings

I’m hoping this list proves to be a great outline for you and that if you choose to do a capsule wardrobe, you can create one effortlessly now that you have a guide! Like I stated above, this is just my spin on it, so take this outline and make it your own by adding in your favorite colors and patterns.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or drop a comment below. Thanks for stopping by!

XO Becca

*I receive a small commission for purchases made through my links. 

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