Maternity Clothes Review

I thought now would be a good time to review some of my favorite maternity finds this pregnancy. I’ve stated before on my Facebook page that I don’t love buying maternity clothes because you wear them for such a small window of time. So I like to buy a few classic pieces and the rest of what I wear usually consists of more flowy non maternity items. Oh and cardigans…lots and lots of cardigans! You all know I have an obsession with cardigans, and for obvious reasons. You never grow out of them! So I’ll share what I have found and liked so far this pregnancy along with links so you can easily shop if need be.


This has been my favorite Maternity sweater, but unfortunately it’s no longer online at Target. Check the clearance racks at your local store.


I really have been loving this swing sweater. The material is very soft and the fit is forgiving so it could easily be worn your entire pregnancy. I’m wearing this in a small.

Another goodie from Target is this sweater, but again it’s no longer online so check your local stores!

27496127_10154926006195566_994625650_nYou all know how much I love the plush tops from Old Navy! Well they carry the same material in several maternity tops too. This one will be great going into spring! I’m wearing a small. Striped top.

27399448_10154926069120566_2069865028_nThis twist front sweater is made of that same plush material, and the twist in the front is super fun! Wearing a small.


27394742_10154926000095566_445277329_nThese Target plaid tops are so soft and have been great for layering. Wearing a size small.

27497902_10154925996855566_920109966_nSame plaid top from Target in another color. Again wearing a small.

27399795_10154926117270566_1957973966_nOld Navy has really stepped up their game the last couple of years, and that goes for their Maternity also. I have found several things there this pregnancy that I love! This top is so fun, and comes in a few colors. Wearing a small.

27399952_10154926264380566_785427768_nI just got this floral t-shirt in the mail and I love it! Perfect for spring and summer. Wearing a medium.

27295055_10154926118675566_1562010087_nWe can’t forget the layering t-shirts. These ones have been my favorite and I layer them under all my cardigans. I buy these in a medium.


27399903_10154926005685566_811038458_nThese Black skinny pants have been worn for church almost every week. These would be great for you working ladies who need nicer black pants. They say jeans on the website, but they are not jean material. These fit true to size.

27295050_10154926007465566_394180212_nMy absolute favorite maternity jeans I have ever found are these ones by Jessica Simpson. They fit like a glove and stay in place for me all day. I find I like the over the belly options the best because they stay up better for me. But I will share an under the belly option below that I wear too. Wearing these in a small.

27496477_10154926094355566_1014925174_nThis is an under the belly skinny jean for those of you that prefer that fit. I like them a lot, but feel that the over the belly stay up better on me. These fit true to size.

27400112_10154926264430566_1302323724_nAnd of course we can’t forget a great pair of white skinny jeans. These just came in, and the fit is great. They fit true to size.

Non maternity options

While I have been wearing a lot of maternity jeans the last couple months, I seem to grab for my non maternity Old Navy pull on jeans a ton! These have been a life saver, and are so comfortable during pregnancy. I just size up so they will go over my hips easier. See them below.


Also, we can’t forget about great leggings! I buy non maternity leggings, and this year I found the best of all time! These are so nice and thick, stay in place, don’t sag or loose their shape and a lot of times they run a half off sale on them. I just size up one size for pregnancy. See them below.


Best non maternity top I have found to work is this tunic. I love how flowy it is, and fits the belly great! It does run big, but if you are planning to wear your entire pregnancy then I would order your true size. I’m wearing the small below.


A few readers asked me to include some non maternity options which I did a little of above. But when it comes to tops, I honestly believe shopping second hand is your best option for this. Style Encore is my go to for all things including dressing my baby bump. I browse through the two sizes above my normal size and look for flowy style tops that will work for me. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, cardigans are my go to. You never have to worry about growing out of them, and they dress up your basic outfit really nicely. So just browse some thrift stores, or clearance racks at Target for more flowy like options. Another thing you can try that has worked great for me is Old Navy’s tall options. If you order their items in one size up from your normal and in the tall version, they seem to fit a baby bump really well! Give that a try also!

I know this post was long and hopefully not too overwhelming. I know shopping for maternity stuff can be stressful, so hopefully you got a few options to try and will feel more confident dressing those adorable bumps! Pregnancy is such a blessing and the greatest gift from God! I’m thankful he has given me the opportunity to be a Mommy three times now. I can’t wait to meet my little one in May!

Let me know if you have any more questions in the comments or over on my Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by Mama’s, and happy pregnancy!!!

XO Becca

*I receive a small commission for the affiliate links used in this post.

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