Tips To Creating Great Outfits

Hey girls! Todays blog post has been a highly requested subject. I get questions all the time on how to create simple, easy outfits that don’t take a lot of time and thought in the morning. While a lot of this comes with practice and getting to know your own style better, there are a few simple steps I follow to create my looks. So lets go over those together, and by the end of this post I hope you are feeling inspired and confident on how to put your outfits together more effectively.

#1 Start with a base layer (bottoms) 

27156891_10154911134835566_451349873_nI always like to start with my bottoms or base layer (such as a dress). This is what you will build your outfit on top of.

#2 Add those tops in

27044665_10154911135195566_1267199060_nNext we add in the top. Now you have a good base to build and create many different looks. You can pretty much go any direction from here, and that’s what is so fun about fashion. Now you can start to let your style and personality come out in where you go from here!

#3 Add layering pieces 

27043366_10154911135215566_696544402_nI find myself layering a lot! Adding a layering piece is a great way to take an outfit from simple, to trendy and stylish. This is where each individual’s personality starts to show. Whether it be a jacket, vest, cardigan or sweater, you can create many different looks by adding another dimension to your outfit.

#4 Add in some fun accessories

27292823_10154911134825566_809494586_nWhile this may not apply for every outfit, I find myself never leaving the house without at lest jewelry. But if you want to really jazz things up, you can add in a scarf for texture and pattern, a fun hat, a great clutch or any fun additional accessory to really make your outfit pop! I find that accessories really bring your outfit together.

#5 Add your favorite shoes 

Black jeggings // Similar cardigan // Similar necklace // Similar shoes
T-shirt // Jeans // Cardigan // Bracelet // Similar shoes
T-shirt // Similar olive jeans // Similar sneakers // Similar scarf // Similar chambray
Similar Vest 
Jeans // Similar Hat // Similar sweater // Boots
Dress // Similar jacket // Similar necklace // Booties

Now your outfits are complete! I find if you follow these easy steps, you will not only look put together, but you will feel so much more confident in your look.

Try out the steps we talked about and let me know how it works for you. I would love to hear if it’s helped you cut out that aimless walking around in your closet wondering what you’re going to wear. Hopefully now you can look at your clothes and easily navigate and put together great outfits in a lot less time!

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

XO Becca

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