Packing For A Weekend Trip

I have never been good about packing for a long weekend, just ask my husband. I’m that typical woman that brings 10 outfits to many, and 5 pairs of shoes I never touch. I know I’m not alone on this, it happens to the best of us right? Us women like to have options when It comes to our wardrobe, and I like to have all my bases covered. Well we all have to come to grips with our problems at some point right? So I told myself while packing for my long weekend that I was NOT going to do this. So I went in with a different mindset while packing, and I thought I’d share some ideas with you guys to help with your next trip.

I went into my closet and put complete outfits together for how many days I’m going to be gone. And when I say complete, I’m talking about the entire outfit from shoes to jewelry. This insures I’m not bringing a lot of added shoes and jewelry I don’t need. I like to pick outfits that can be mixed a matched a little and that coordinate together well so you don’t have a lot of pieces to pack. A good way to pick outfits that can be mixed and matched, is by picking your basic staple items first. These are the pieces that can be worn several different ways, giving the appearance of many different outfits. Same concept as a capsule wardrobe. By pairing these items a little differently each day, you can create a completely different look by switching out one piece or adding another. This will make your packing a lot easier. I like to browse Pinterest before I pack for a trip to give myself a visual of what I need and don’t need to pack. Then add in your pieces that will make up those outfits, and make those staple pieces look a little different each day. I like that scarves don’t take up a lot of room, but can really make an outfit look different. When It comes to bottoms, you can easily wear those multiple times so you only will need probably 2 pairs.

Now for packing it all in the most effective way. I almost always take my tops on hangers. I don’t like to have to worry about ironing on trips, so folding them up and stuffing them in a bag is not a go to for me. I understand you can only do this for road trips, and this isn’t a option for flying. So for those flying, I would suggest bringing a travel steamer along to make your life easier. I like to use the Konmari method of folding to pack my bags. It keeps things organized and neat, and leaves the most amount of room in your bag for other things like your cosmetics and shoes.


*picture taken from Pinterest 

A few little packing tips for you. I like to pack my shoes, cosmetics and jewelry all in the same bag. Less things to carry in is always a bonus in my books. I pack all my shoes on one side, all my bottoms on the other, and then put my cosmetic bag and jewelry bag on top. A really great hack for packing jewelry so it doesn’t get all tangle, is putting your necklaces through plastic straws and then clasping them again so they stay intact and in place.


*picture taken from Pinterest

I hope this post was helpful, and gives you a few new ideas for your upcoming trips. Like I said before, I am no pro when it comes to light packing, but I think I did a lot better this trip. 🙂

Keep an eye on my Facebook page this weekend to see the outfits I packed for my long weekend away.

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XO – Becca

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1 thought on “Packing For A Weekend Trip”

  1. I love all the tips Becca – especially the one for using straws to keep necklaces from tangling. What a great idea!! Have a fun weekend, wherever you’re off to. 🙂

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