Teacher Looks On A Budget

Today I had the privilege of taking my sweet friend Marcy thrift shopping to get some back to school outfits for this upcoming school year. Marcy is an elementary school teacher, and wanted to find some new pieces to add into her wardrobe. I always love taking clients to Goodwill first to try and get the most out of their budget. There are so many great items at thrift stores if you are willing to take the time to look through and try things on. I love helping women do this, and watch them leave with a big smile knowing how much money they just saved themselves! I always snap pictures of the pieces we find, but sometimes you have to use your imagination a little with the outfits because we don’t have full access to her other clothes and shoes to really complete some of these looks if that makes sense. I would love to have gone home with her and paired her new items with her clothes at home to really show off the outfits we can make out of her new pieces. But, there is only so much time in a day! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So here are some pictures of what we found for Marcy today!

20170814_140710This super cute top is a Nordstrom brand. I love how fun the details are, and it would work great under a cardigan or blazer too!

20170814_140855Another fun Nordstrom top that we snagged for a fraction of what it would have cost new. Love finding these deals! This also would look great with a cardigan in a fun pop of color.

20170814_141639This was my favorite combo that we got today! I love layering ginghams and sweaters in the fall and winter. These two pieces are from Gap and Loft, and we paid under $10 for both! These pieces will be very versatile for Marcy.

20170814_142427How often do you find puffer vests for $5 out at a store? Probably not very likely right? Goodwill always seems to have several options when I’m there, and this one was definitely a winner in Marcy’s book. It’s her favorite color too!

We picked up this new with tags red blazer for half price. Our Goodwill has half price tags on certain days, so of course we picked to go on that day! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We also picked up some dressy tanks to pair under it.

Here are some of the dressy tanks we picked up to pair under her cardigans and jackets. The floral one is my favorite! She also picked up the cute black skinny pants in the right picture.

We picked up these cute tops and jeans for her more casual days at school. Both of these jeans are super high end brands that would have cost well over $300 together new! This is why I love thrifting….you can still get those high end pieces without forking out hundreds of dollars! I’ll take that any day.

20170814_143045This Express top is the perfect fit on Marcy! The color is great for fall, and will look awesome paired under cardigans, blazers or jackets.

Here are a couple more blazer outfits we picked up tonight.

20170814_151400How stunning is this red J Crew dress we picked up for $6! This totally screams work Christmas party. Pair with some fun heels and jewelry and you’ve got an outfit that looks like it cost hundreds but in reality you paid under $10!

20170814_155149Last up are these awesome necklaces we scored! Not only can you find great clothes at Goodwill, but you can find awesome accessories too! She also got a super cute Lia Sophia necklace too, but I didn’t get a picture of it. These necklaces will be great with Marcy’s new fall wardrobe!

So what did you guys think of Marcy’s finds? Are you impressed or what? I hope my love of thrifting will inspire you guys to check out your local thrift stores. You never know what treasures you will find! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Marcy for being my model and spending the day with me! I hope you love all your new stuff!

Thanks for stopping by today! XO


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2 thoughts on “Teacher Looks On A Budget”

  1. I am somewhat older than you but I love thrift shopping too! It is always exciting to see what treasures you can find for such bargain prices!

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