Kayla’s Personal Styling Session

20170805_112541Meet Kayla! Isn’t she pretty! Kayla was the winner of the personal styling session I gave away to celebrate 1,000 followers over on my Facebook page. Kayla is also a Goodwill shopper, so it was so fun to spend the morning with her just like two thrifting buddies who have known each other forever! Even though we met just today! 🙂 Kayla has been a faithful follower of my blog, and has been such a fun and interactive reader. She also informed me today that she has gotten all her close friends and bible study ladies to follow also! I’m so humbled when I hear those things! I love the relationships I’ve made through this blog, and while all this blogging and shopping with fade away some day, those relationships will last and hold a special place in my heart! ♡

So on to the fun stuff! I took Kayla to Goodwill first (like I do with all my clients) to try and make the budget stretch the furthest. We picked up several goodies for her that will be great additions into her already awesome wardrobe! Here are some of the goodies we found today!

20170805_105736While the jacket didn’t go home with her (the fit was a little off) I still wanted to share this picture to give you guys an idea of the kind of goodies you can get when thrifting! This is a J Crew jacket, and an olive jacket is a must have in your wardrobe. She did take home the cute striped t-shirt though!

20170805_105958This is the perfect #momlife outfit! It’s easy to put together, it’s comfortable, and it looks great!

20170805_110808Kayla wanted some nice dressier options for church, and I think this outfit is perfect for just that!

I thought these olive and emerald tunics were such great colors on Kayla with her lovely dark hair! Great with skinny jeans/leggings and boots for this fall.

20170805_112541This tank and necklace combo was one of my favorite looks on Kayla! Isn’t this necklace so fun? And you can’t go wrong with a $2.99 price tag!

20170805_113019Kayla said this one was out of her comfort zone, but said that was good and she needed that! I imagine this with boots and a pretty fall colored cardigan. Thanks for letting me push you out of your comfort zone a little on this one Kayla! 😉

20170805_113212I love this top so much! The little pops of chambray are so cute! Kayla has some awesome red Hunter boots, and I can just picture them with this top for pumpkin patches and apple orchards this fall!

After Goodwill, we ran over to my favorite store Style Encore and picked up these two tops and necklace. Style Encore is a frequent stop for me and it never disappoints!

Thank you so much Kayla for giving me the opportunity to help bring in some new goodies to your wardrobe! You were so much fun to be around today, and I love how much we had in common! I’m so thankful this blog brought us together, and I look forward to connecting with you more in the future!

Thanks for stopping by today to check out Kayla’s new wardrobe! Until next time….XO!



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