My Latest Goodwill Haul

I had another successful day at Goodwill yesterday! You all know how much I love thrift shopping, and sharing my finds with you guys! Finding high end pieces at such cheap prices is so fun, and saves me so much money. My little sister needed to find some jeans for an upcoming trip she had, so I of course suggested looking at Goodwill first. When I’m on the hunt for something specific, Goodwill is always my first stop. And if I can’t find it there, then I will search online for it. But Goodwill is always my first go to, and often times I can almost always find what I am looking for! I gave my Facebook followers a little preview last night of some of the things I found yesterday on our shopping trip, and I’m going to share the rest of my finds with you guys here today!

PhotoGrid_1499362006569First up is this Nautica sweatshirt. My husband and I just purchased a pontoon boat, and what better to wear on those chilly evenings boating than this sweatshirt!

Similar Sweatshirt Here

PhotoGrid_1499362211340This was my favorite purchase of the day! It is probably the softest dress I’ve ever put on, and it fit perfectly!

Same dress Here

PhotoGrid_1499362238732This Old Navy dress still had the tags on it! And even though this is supposed to be a dress, it’s a petite version and it’s too short for my tall frame. I will probably style it as a tunic or pass it on to one of my shorter friends! 😉

Same dress different color Here

PhotoGrid_1499362301709It’s not often I find jeans at Goodwill that fit me perfectly. These brand new American Eagle jeans were an awesome find! I also snagged this plaid tunic. Great for summer or fall!

Same jeans on sale for $30 Here

PhotoGrid_1499362180564This dress is adorable!!! And it still had the $40 tags on it! This will be perfect for over my swimsuit while boating.

Similar dress Here

20170706_115345Another new with tags top. When I find things new with tags, it makes it that much better! This is why I love thrifting ladies….it’s not always used and gross things. As you will see from following my blog and Facebook page, a lot of times it’s high end pieces or brand new pieces.

Similar lace up top Here

PhotoGrid_1499362112427I love finding Nordstrom clothing at Goodwill! A lot of times I can’t afford to shop at Nordstrom, so when I find their stuff at Goodwill, I’m all sorts of giddy! 🙂

Same blouse Here

PhotoGrid_1499362082133You all probably know by now that I’m obsessed with anything gingham! I love this style, and this top still had the tags on it!

Same top different color Here

PhotoGrid_1499362150110This sweater is so totally different than anything I own, but it’s so incredibly comfy and I couldn’t pass it up! I thought it would be great for evening boat rides.

Same brand, different style Here

20170706_114742Last up is this comfy sweatshirt representing our Wisconsin Badgers! Great for just lounging around, or Badger sporting events.

Well that’s my haul ladies! What do you guys think….did I hit the jackpot or what?! I added up what these items would have cost me new. It would have totalled to approximately $278! I paid $51 for everything, which means I saved $227!!! Who is ready to give this whole Goodwill shopping thing a try? If you have any questions drop them in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by!

XO – Becca

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3 thoughts on “My Latest Goodwill Haul”

  1. Great finds! What Goodwill do you shop at? I have tried but it’s so hit and miss, I mostly have tried Salvation Army, is it an actual Goodwill store?

    1. Hi Heather! Yes I shop at the Goodwill stores. There are several in my area and I go to them all. I just randomly pick one and go. The key is to really search through the racks and look through every item. It’s time consuming, but worth it! 🙂

      1. themommapoppins

        I’m obsessed with thrift store shopping! Our Goodwill is less than 5 minutes away, which means I’m always there, hunting down a bargain!

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