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Alright ladies, I asked you guys on my Facebook page what you wanted to see on the blog next, and this is what you guys almost unanimously voted on. Buy this, not that! I’ll be comparing some awesome pieces that are almost identical in style, but very different in price range. As you all know by now, I am a bargain shopper! I buy probably 75% of my clothes second hand, and the other 25% is clearance racks or sales online. I love comparing prices, and seeing how much of a deal I’m getting. It makes me love those items that much more! There are very few things I will splurge on, but when it comes to spending more money, I will do that on a great pair of jeans, or a nice purse. Those are my splurge worthy items!

So let’s take a look at a few things I have compared.

PhotoGrid_1497302094571Pretty much the same dress, but an obvious price difference. I almost always can find a great cheaper option of Nordstrom stuff at Old Navy or Target. Nothing against Nordstrom! I have bought things from there, but it’s usually a little more expensive than I’m willing to spend.

Black dress from Nordstrom $49 Here

Black dress from Old Navy $15 Here

PhotoGrid_1497282503948Another fun dress for summer. Can be dressed up for date night, or dressed down with sneakers for hanging with the kids.

Nordstrom dress $49 Here

Old Navy dress $14-$19 Here

PhotoGrid_1497296748920You can never go wrong with a classic black tank! I don’t like to spend a lot on my basic pieces such as everyday tanks and tshirts. I usually hit up Walmart, Old Navy or Target for those.

Nordstrom tank $34Here

Old Navy tank $14 HerePhotoGrid_1497296781978

I love these Target basic tshirts, and for that price tag you can’t go wrong!

Nordstrom tshirt $32 Here

Target tshirt $8 Here

PhotoGrid_1497296814349A good pair of jean shorts are worth splurging for but, there are so many great options out there now for reasonable prices. I’ve found several pairs of jean shorts under $30 at Target, Old Navy, or American Eagle. I tend to go for the longer inseam and midrise option “Mom shorts”! 😉 I can’t do that lowrise stuff anymore. I gotta suck everything in these days!

Nordstrom shorts $58 Here

Target shorts $20 Here

PhotoGrid_1497296679357I love long cardigans….okay, I just love cardigan in general! Especially in a fun pop of color. This is pretty much an identical match, other than the price of course!

Nordstrom cardigan $68 Here

Old Navy cardigan $26 Here

PhotoGrid_1497282552464This one is a little different, but a stripe cardigan nonetheless. I own the Old Navy cardigan and I love it! Perfect for cooler summer nights and into the fall.

Nordstrom cardigan  $68 Here

Old Navy cardigan $22 Here

PhotoGrid_1497296857286Another identical match. I really can’t see a difference between these two shoes. Not a huge price difference, but with that saved $15-$20 you could buy something else! I own the Target ones and love them! A great summer staple.

Nordstrom shoes $60-$50 Here

Target shoes $33 Here

PhotoGrid_1497282631698I have recently gotten into buying off Amazon. I totally was clueless when it came to Amazon, but I’m learning my way around the website and I’m totally impressed with all the options for shoes and clothes! I love that you can get free shipping with prime, and free returns which makes buying less of a risk. I couldn’t believe the price difference on this one. Not identical, but pretty close! I have a friend who bought the Amazon ones and loves them! Make sure to always check reviews before buying on Amazon.

Nordstrom shoes  $150 Here

Amazon shoes $45 Here

And that’s a wrap! So here is my advice for you guys. If you find something you like but are a little hesitant on the price, do a little research and look around online to see if you can find something similar for cheaper. Old Navy and Target are my go to when I am looking for a cheaper option of something. I always price match and look for a better deal before purchasing, just to make sure I’m getting the best option!

If you guys liked this post and want to see more of this kind of thing. Even with hair products or beauty products, I’m happy to put together more save vs splurge posts for you guys! I love sharing with my readers on how to save money, because come on….it doesn’t grow on trees, and who doesn’t love a little more bang for their buck?!

Thanks for stopping by!

XO – Becca

These are not affiliate links in this post, and this is not sponsored in any way.

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2 thoughts on “Buy It For Less”

  1. Hi Becca!
    I was at the salon today for a pedi & found out about your blog…I love it! Great tips! I’d love more money saving hints!

    I miss having you cut my hair, but seems this is a good niche for you. You also do personal consults. I really like the over 40 and business casual posts.


    1. Hi Sue! I’m so glad to connect with you here. I so miss doing your hair and chatting with you! Yes, I love blogging and sharing my fahsion/frugal tips with others. Yes I do personal consults and shopping trips with clients. Feel free to email me at any time with any questions you have. If you have a Facebook page, I also have a fashion page on there called Clothed In Grace. Thank you for reaching out Sue! ♡

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