Planning Outfits For Family Pictures

Planning family pictures always seems to be a stressful thing. Why is that? I think it’s all the planning that goes into it. The outfits, the location, the color scheme, the time of year to take them etc. Well I’m here today to share a few tips to hopefully make the process less stressful! Let’s talk about how to plan those outfits for family pictures.

#1 Pick A Color Scheme

This is your starting point. Picking the colors is very important. You want to pick colors that coordinate and compliment each other well. There are so many options when it comes to color combinations, so sometimes it’s a little overwhelming! Try looking at a color wheel to help. That way you can visually see what colors coordinate well and what ones clash. I also try to pick colors that blend well with the season your taking picures in.

For example:

Spring – Think pastel colors. Bush Pink, Lilac, Powder Blue, Light Yellow, Grey.

Summer – Brighter Colors. Think Pink, Turquoise, Teal, Red, Navy, Yellow etc.

Fall – Warm Colors. Mustard, Navy, Browns, Olive, and Orange.

If you are struggling with picking brighter colors that coordinate well. You can never go wrong with sticking with neutrals! Your greys, whites, tans, browns etc.

I decided to pick blue and pink for today’s example. I love these colors together!

#2 Pick One Piece As The Vocal Point

After you pick your color scheme. Pick a piece that you love and want to use as the vocal point. I went off my Husband’s shirt because he has the least amount of clothes out of the 4 of us. He doesn’t have as many options, so I went with a shirt of his that I love, and I’ll add the rest of our outfits going off his shirt.

PhotoGrid_1496166730823As you can see, his shirt has both of the colors from my color scheme. It has the blue and pink in it, and I will pull out those colors with the other outfits.

PhotoGrid_1496166988628To pull out the colors of my husband’s shirt, I used a blue polo for my Son, and a pink dress for myself. This will even out your pictures really well, and bring those colors together.

20170530_095939I then added a sweet little dress for my Daughter that had the blue and white in it to even out my Husband’s white shirt. To add a little more pink, she will also wear a pink bow in her hair. I usually try not to pattern mix, or have too many patterns going on. It looks a little too busy in pictures. You need a good mix of pattern and solids together. Patterns add great texture to a picture, so it’s nice to have one or two, or even three depending on how big your family is. But make sure they coordinate well, and don’t compete with eachother. Your photographer should also make sure that the patterned tops aren’t standing next to each other. Put them on opposite sides to even it out.

#3 Make Sure The Outfits Blend Well In Pairs

I always like to make sure the outfits blend well in the way the photographer will take pictures. Set the outfits next to each other in the way you will get pictures done, to make sure they blend together.

For Example:

Dad And Son20170530_100639Dad And Daughter20170530_100601Son And Daughter20170530_100523 Mom and Son20170530_100405Mom and Daughter20170530_100444Dad and Mom20170530_100321

Now step back and look at the whole picture. Do you have enough solid and patterned pieces? Do the colors blend? Make sure you like how it all looks laid out together!20170530_100121

Now all that’s left to do is pray that everyone is looking and smiling at once! 🙂

It’s up to your photographer now. This is the fun part! Just have fun, and try to relax and enjoy it as much as possible. The candid photos are my favorite!!! Showing how you interact together as a family is the best, and having those photos forever is priceless!

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!

XO – Becca

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  1. Love this post! Great outfits indeed! I have just set up a blog and people like you inspire me a lot! Big thanks 🙂 If you will have some time, you can check it out and stare some thoughts with me 🙂 I would be very thankful

    xoxo, Marie

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