Untuck Vs. Tuck

Today we are going to chat about the front tuck. I’m obsessed with tucking my tops in! I feel like it instantly makes my outfit complete and visually pleasing. While I still prefer some tops untucked, you will usually see me sporting my tops tucked in some way. It really just depends on the outfit. If I look at my outfit and say “something is off”, I will try tucking my top first. And if that doesn’t work then I will move on to something else. But tucking is always my first go to.

#1 T-shirts


PhotoGrid_1494360808541I feel like this simple front tuck really pulls my outfit together.

#2 Oversized Sweaters

PhotoGrid_1494360417731PhotoGrid_1494360354073Oversized tops can sometimes make us look frumpy, and not very flattering. Doing the simple tuck can instantly add shape to your look!

#3 Blouses

PhotoGrid_1494360741734PhotoGrid_1494360659085Again, you can see how tucking brings the outfit together and makes it say something. There is nothing wrong with the untucked look, but I much prefer the shape tucking gives!

#4 Button Ups

PhotoGrid_1494360517486PhotoGrid_1494360582545I almost always tuck my button ups. I love the way it looks and feels! I’ve had a few girls ask me….Don’t you have to wear a belt when tucking in your tops? The answer is no, as you can see from my above pictures. You do not have to always wear a belt. But you most certainly can! It depends on your personal preference or the outfit.

PhotoGrid_1494360298418You can do a tuck in the front center or off to the side a little. It’s totally up to you! I prefer a little off to the side. In the above picture I’m showing where I almost always tuck. I go in between the button on the pants and the first belt loop, or directly over the first belt loop. When tucking in my button ups, that’s where I will tuck in the front center.

Hopefully this gives you guys some ideas. Try the tuck and let me know how it works for you! Thanks for stopping by!

XO – Becca

I'm Becca

I am a stay-at-home mom with a background in the beauty industry who loves fashion and all things home. I created this space for women who want to learn how to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, as well as be uplifted in their every day life. Thank you so much for being here!

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