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It’s wedding season, and finding those perfect dresses for the occasion can sometimes be stressful! I’m here today to hopefully make things less stressful, and give you a few visual ideas. Every wedding is so different. We are seeing a lot more barn/country weddings which I love! That’s when you can go a little more casual with your attire. Then we have the fancier night weddings when you need to step it up a notch with your dress and heels. Let’s look at a few options I put together today!

#1 Casual Outdoor Wedding

20170502_14181220170502_142731Outdoor weddings are the perfect occasion to wear those fun sundresses or maxi dresses with sandals. I got this teal dress at Goodwill a couple weeks ago, and it is easily the softest thing I’ve ever worn! It will be a staple in my closet this summer. The stripe dress was bought off a Facebook buy/sell group, along with the white cardigan.

#2 Barn Wedding

20170502_15033520170502_151130If you have some cowboy boots, put those babies on with a cute sun dress. You will fit right in with the venue! My navy dress was bought at Goodwill, and the denim dress was bought off a Facebook buy/sell group.

#3 Casual Indoor Wedding

20170502_13555220170502_142145If you don’t have a dress you love, a skirt or dressy jumpsuit are totally appropriate! You can pretty much wear anything for a casual wedding, but obviously I would stay away from jeans! Both of these outfits were bought off a Facebook buy/sell group.

#4 Fancier Outdoor Wedding

20170502_14052920170502_143104I love pairing open toe booties with dresses! It gives such great style. I also  think of floral when dressing for a nicer outdoor wedding. It just seems fitting! My navy floral dress was bought at Style Encore, and my black floral dress was bought off a Facebook buy/sell group. I’m also sporting my black lace extender with the black dress. Shorter dresses are almost always too short on me, so I love my lace extenders. You can purchase one Here.

#5 Fancier Indoor Wedding

PhotoGrid_1493754377139You can never go wrong with a little black dress! They always look classic and timeless. Several of the other dress I have posted can be worn in this category also. There are so many options, but I always try to go more towards a nicer fabric dress and heels. Try to stay away from sun dresses and sandals here. My long sleeve dress was bought off and my sleeveless dress was bought at Plato’s Closet.

#6 Night Wedding

20170502_14130320170502_140927I haven’t been to too many night weddings, so I may be off on this one. But I think of dressier form fitting dresses and heels for these weddings. There are obviously other options and styles, but this is probably the direction I would go. Anything lace would be another great option! My pink dress was bought a couple weeks ago at Burlington, and my floral midi dress was bought off a Facebook buy/sell group. (I buy off these a lot if you couldn’t tell)

#7 Black Tie Wedding

20170502_151551I have never been to a black tie event, but I’m dying to wear this dress somewhere!!! I think of long flowy ballgowns when I think of black tie events. I guess I need to talk my hubby into taking me somewhere I can wear this gorgeous dress! I bought off a Facebook buy/sell page along with the black lace cover up.

Okay ladies, there you have it! These are just my personal opinions and ideas. I don’t want you guys to think these are the only options. I’m not a wedding guest attire professional or anything. 😉 There are so many options out there, so if you are struggling with putting an outfit together for your event, feel free to email me. I’m always happy to help! Also, Pinterest is a life saver for these types of things too. Thanks for stopping by today! Leave me some feedback in the comments!

XO – Becca

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