Styling In Three’s

Do you ever put on an outfit and think…..this doesn’t look right, or feel complete? I think most of us struggle with this thought. I put together today’s blog on a whim…..I thought, I want to share with my readers what helps me put outfits together. So I’m going to share my 3 piece rule with you guys!

Styling in three’s is the perfect way to complete your look! This isn’t always the case, but 9 out of 10 times, I’m sporting my 3 piece staple. So if you throw on jeans and a top, and look at yourself in the mirror and think “somethings missing”, you are probably right! If you come to this conclusion, here is the perfect time to add a fun statement necklace, scarf, cardigan, or jacket. Adding that third piece is really going to complete your look! I put some pictures together for you guys, to give a visual on what I mean.

#1 Cardigans



#2 Outer Layer (vests, jackets etc)



#3 Scarves



#4 Statement Necklaces



As you can see from the above pictures, there is nothing wrong with the left side pictures, but when you add that third piece, it really steps it up a notch and completes that look. There is something aesthetically pleasing about styling in three’s. Even with home decor, I find myself styling in three’s. Three books on top of each other, three candlesticks grouped together, three bowls or plates stacked on a shelf etc. It just looks good! So when in doubt, remember that 3 piece rule. It will have you looking great, and feeling complete!

I hope this is helpful, and that going forward, you guys will feel confident in picking out your outfits! Thanks for stopping by! XO


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