How To Wear Booties

This post is all on how to wear booties! I have had so many friends ask me “How do you wear booties?” “What do you wear them with?” My answer is always “Wear them with everything!” I love my booties, and have several different colors and styles. I love my tall boots also, but I find myself always grabbing for my booties. So I decided to put together a visual blog of how to, and how not to wear for all my girlfriends on the fence about them! Here we go!


photogrid_1480200059839Picture #1 how NOT to wear. Never ever tuck your pants into your booties. Look below for correct option!

photogrid_1480200075869Always cuff right above the boot to show a little ankle!

photogrid_1480199973136Picture #2 Showing again how NOT to wear! Tucking jeans inside boots is only for tall boots. Never for short booties!

photogrid_1480199995076Showing correct way to cuff. On left showing a small double fold cuff, and on right showing a bigger one fold cuff. You can wear either way!

20161126_161515Picture #3 shows how NOT to wear with a winter dress. Yes you can wear booties in the winter, but not paired with leggings and a dress. It’s too dark and solid. Correct option below!

photogrid_1480200038581Correct option is pairing with tights! They don’t appear so dark and heavy since they are a little sheer. I love this option in the winter!

photogrid_1480200013262If you have any open toe booties then you totally can rock those without tights. I love dresses and booties together in the spring and summer months!


20161126_163729Picture #4 shows how NOT to wear flat booties with jeans. Never pull your jeans over the top of booties. Unless you are wearing flared or boot cut jeans, then you totally can. But it you are pairing with skinny jeans then look below for correct option.

photogrid_1480199943536I like to do a messy roll when wearing my flat booties. Sometimes a clean cuff is too structured and just want something a little different. I like the messy roll with my boyfriend jeans too!

I hope this was somewhat helpful for you! I know sometimes if you are unsure of how to wear them, then you just completely opt out of wearing all together, and booties are way to cute to not wear!!!! If you have any questions then comment below!





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2 thoughts on “How To Wear Booties”

  1. Great tips Becca! Love the visuals….What’s your opinion on older women wearing boots/booties? (age 50+)?? Would appreciate your input!

    1. Hi Wendy! Yes, yes, yes! You totally can wear booties at any age. I think they look very classy! I have my Mom hooked on them, and she has said they are some of her most comfortable shoes. If you need any help picking some out that fit your style, you know where to find me 🙂 xo

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