Decorating For Christmas


I officially broke down and decorated for Christmas! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Every year I get so excited to go into the attic and pull out my Christmas bins. This year was especially fun, because I have changed my decor in the house, and I had bought a few new pieces throughout the year. So when I pulled my bins out, it was like my birthday….I found things I forgot I had bought! I wanted to go for a Country Christmas theme. I always find the best inspiration from Pinterest. I just look through the Christmas boards, and try to find my style. It gives me a nice visual for what I want to do in my home! I still have a few things I want to buy and add, but for now I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! If you want a few ideas of new things to add into your collection, I would say add some fun deer sculptures. These are my favorite! Every time I’m out shopping and see one, I want to buy it. I think they are so cute, and super trendy this year. Second, add some fun Christmas themed throw pillows and blankets. I think this really warms up the space, and makes it cozy! And last is wreaths. I am huge into wreaths! I hang them everywhere….literally everywhere! If you have any old windows hanging in your house, then those are the perfect places to hang a Christmas wreath. I hope this gives a little visual, and some ideas as you start to pull out those Christmas bins! Happy decorating ladies!

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